Ski Vacation

We might all be busy planning the winter holiday getaways but one thing is for sure: as soon as the New Year approaches, we start to wonder where to go in January . And the choice depends on what we love to do.

For many adventure lovers, January is synonymous with the skiing season. If you are info skiing or snowboarding, this month is definitely your favorite, right? You’ve probably already bought skiing travel insurance and you are just waiting for the perfect time to start your adventure.

The United States is filled with excellent ski resorts. Actually, many of the best ski resorts in North America are located in the USA. Colorado ranks very high with three excellent ski destinations: Arapahoe Basin, Snowmass Mountain and Loveland.

Loveland – one of the highest ski areas in North America – is one of the first resorts to open. Its unique location ensures natural snow, making it one of the best places to ski on the continent. Snowmass, although not as popular as its sister, Aspen, is a huge resort mostly known for being family-friendly. However, it also offers extensive extreme skiing terrain for those looking for adventure. Arapahoe Basin offers the highest skiable terrain in North America and boasts one of the longest ski seasons on the continent.

In case snow is not exactly your thing, you can always plan a vacation in the Caribbean, soaking up the sun. And while your friends are freezing their behinds at home, you are catching a lovely tan.

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