Starting Points for Your Backcountry Adventure

from turns-all-year.comThe backcountry is beckoning… It’s almost that time of year, and if you’re in Colorado, it’s been that time of year for at least a month. Snow keeps getting dumped on the Rockies. My recent jaunt up and over the continental divide and the ski tracks I’ve come across tell me the backcountry season is already in full swing. Here’s the best spots to get informed on everything you need to know about heading out into the backcountry and staying safe, warm and adrenalized while you’re at it:

Lou Dawson’s Backcountry Skiing Blog

Turns All Year: Year Round Backcountry Skiing (Mostly covers Pacific Northwest

Backcountry, Back East

Heli-skiing links worldwide


10th Mountain Division Hut Association

Off-Piste Magazine The Backcountry Adventure Journal