Things I wish weren´t in my pack

So, it´s been about a month now, and I´ve discovered once again that I brought too much with me, despite thinking ¨Wow, this pack seems so light¨on the first day of our trip. I´ve since changed my tune, and even sent some things back in a box of market purchases that we shipped from Antigua. Here´s what I could have done without…

The fleece jacket. I was warned that the AC on buses can get cold enough to warrant this light, but bulky item. I´ve found that anything with long sleeves should serve the purpose.

The inflatable pillow. I can´t sleep on a bus anyway, who was I kidding!

The shortwave radio. Couldn´t pick up anything down here.

The sleep sheet. Even the dingiest places here had clean sheets.

Too many toiletries. The American obsession can be tough to break. I haven´t shaved once, but I´ve got all the equipment. And when it´s this humid, I´m not sure that Old Spice deodorant is doing me much good, either.