Who inspires your travels?

When I was a little girl, I traveled with my parents or grandparents. I couldn’t do much to choose the places we visited. But when I started to plan my vacation with schoolmates and later on my own, my inspiration came from various sources. The most important of them? The books I read!

And in those books, I also learned about famous adventure travelers . Sure, at the time they explored the Earth, almost nothing was discovered or charted, so they really did have adventures.

Today, it’s harder to embark on a real adventure. Or isn’t it? While the Earth doesn’t have too many undiscovered places, you can easily plan an adventure off the beaten path. If you like to hike, search for hiking trails ; first, close to where you live and then explore other cities and countries. Cheap flights also make traveling between various countries an affordable and easy endeavor. However, in some cases, buses and trains are the best choice although you’ll spend more time on the road.

Always make sure you are fit enough for what you plan to do. It is challenging and an ego booster to do a 16 hours trail especially when you haven’t done this in a while, but it can be just as bad to have an accident.

Particularly if you travel abroad, buy travel health insurance and ask whether the sport you want to try is included. For example, many companies don’t cover you in case a volcano erupts and you are caught on the mountain. Or they won’t protect you if you try bungee jumping.

I remember once when I went on a hot air balloon ride; I had to sign a paper that I am fully responsible for what I do, as no insurance covered me. And since I lived to tell the story, everything was ok and I loved it.

Photo credit: Kristina Shine (Facebook).