World / Adventure Travel Manifesto

Not long ago, I tried to find a way to define Adventure Travel. Then today I came across some Key Advice About Travel Around the World which really gets right down to the essence of adventure travel while offering some valuable tips and insight. I particularly like the declaration that “World Travel is Sexy.” Check it out:

* World travel is fun. World travel is sexy. World travel is the ultimate trip.
* Independent world travel is the world’s best learning experience. It’s the best possible investment of time and money you can make in your own career or your children’s education.
* World travel will change you, and change your life, for the better.
* World travel is easier than you think.
* Getting time for travel is easier than you think.
* World travel is more affordable than you think.
* Traveling affordably doesn’t take magic and doesn’t require giving up comfort or convenience. The keys to affordable world travel are traveling independently and concentrating on more affordable regions of the world.
* Independent world travelers include women, men, and children of all ages, occupations, backgrounds, and careers.
* World travel can be for you if you want it. Making your travel dreams come true is mostly just a matter of deciding to do it.