“World Citizens Guide” to be distributed with new U.S. Passports?

Listen up, all you Ugly Americans, you’re also World Citizens, and now your government, which doesn’t always avoid some of the UA bad habits, thinks it might be a good idea to remind Americans traveling abroad of that.
A new Book helps globe-trotting Americans live down stereotypes, according to the Dallas Morning News:

It’s a pocket-size book called World Citizens Guide, written by advertising students and their professor and published with the nonprofit group Business for Diplomatic Action. More than 150,000 copies have been distributed to college students, missionary groups, business travelers and Peace Corps volunteers. A Web site where you can download an abbreviated version, WorldCitizens Guide.org, has gotten a quarter-million hits. The U.S. State Department is considering distributing it with every passport.

A few of my favorite outtakes from the Downloadable version

Leave the clichés at home. Our clichés often don’t mean much or maybe anything to people of other cultures and they are difficult to translate.” –  Yea, but don’t you think anyone can figure out the meaning of  getting one’s panties (or boxers) in a twist?

In most European countries, the correct way to wave hello and good-bye is palm out, hand and arm stationary, fingers wagging up and down. Common American waving means no–except in Greece, where
it is an insult.

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