Worst Countries to stay if you’re Gay

Courtesy of Akuko, I’m sure this list will be appreciated by some of our AL readers.  According to the Southern Voice and U.S State Department’s annual human rights report, in the following 10 countries gays suffer incredible abuse often in accordance with the laws of the countries.
Uganda tops the list. Here gay couples ‘caught’ partaking in consensual sex can be imprisoned for the ‘crime’.

Iran. Gay intercourse is punishable by death, while other sexual activity between gays induces 100 lashes. HIV positive individuals are discriminated against both in the work place as well as in education centres.

Egypt. According to Egyptian law, ‘fujur’ – homosexual intercourse and relations between 2 men – is prohibited, and many men are reported to have been arrested and tortured, or subjected to highly abusive anal examinations. Interestingly, despite these documented cases, Egyptian authorities still claim that homosexuality is not illegal in that country.

Saudi Arabia. Here gay men can receive 2000 lashings, or even be beheaded for consensual sex.

Nigeria: It is against both the Nigerian penal law and the Muslim law to practice homosexuality in Nigeria. In the Northern, Muslim states the punishment is death. Elsewhere one can be imprisoned for up to 14 years. Gays may also not petition the government for rights. There is a media ban on promotion of homosexuality, which carries a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

United Arab Emirates: Homosexuality is against both Civil and Muslim law here. Consequential action against ‘offenders’ includes hormone treatment and therapy.

Cameroon: In the Cameroon gay men suspected of homosexual activity are subjected to ‘medical examination’.

Poland: Gay culture may not be promoted in Poland, but activists continue to congregate and speak out against the discrimination they are faced with.

Nepal: While homosexuality is not illegal in Nepal, gay and transgender people are subject to abuse and harassment at the hands of government authorities.

India: Rounding off the list of places you would not choose to live in as a gay person is India, where there is a Sodomy law that allows for ‘offenders’ to be imprisoned for up to 10 years. Gay people are often harassed and AIDS social workers are also harassed and even detained under this law.