2007 Travel Trends

Planning a man-cation this year? No idea what I’m talking about? Check out the top trends for travel for the coming year from the San Jose Mercury News.Here’s some of the highlights… Oh, and my tip – don’t have to much to drink on the next trip with the buddies to avoid alter-man-cations.


What it’s all about: A golf weekend with buddies. A poker trip to Vegas. You can plan your own or use a travel agent. If you’re on a budget, a weekend fishing getaway can be quick and inexpensive. If price is no object, consider a golf outing to Scotland or a trip to Miami to watch the Super Bowl next month, including tickets.


What it’s all about: Thinking about getting your teeth whitened? Bigger breasts? An angioplasty? Anything you can have done in this country can be done in another country. And, assuming that you’ve recovered from the procedure, you can extend your stay to visit tourist sites or work on your tan.


What it’s all about: Spas aren’t just about massages, facials and long soaks in hot tubs. Many have introduced programs focusing on exercise, nutrition and stress management. Now comes sleep, which experts believe can be linked to weight, appearance, good health and aging.

Programs can include consultations, seminars and workshops that diagnose and treat such conditions as sleep apnea and insomnia. Canyon Ranch in Tucson (www.canyonranch.com) has a team of sleep specialists who work with guests on sleep management and offer overnight studies performed at the resort’s sleep lab.


What it’s all about: Volunteering feels good. “People typically come back very excited that they’ve seen another part of the world and been able to make a difference in the lives of people while they’re vacationing,” says Amy Kaplan, spokeswoman for Denver-based i-to-i (www.meaningful travel.com), which sends volunteers to some 500 projects in 23 countries.