5 Activities for Thrill Seekers in Fiji

If you are ‘in it’ for the thrill on your next vacation, you will discover many spots among the islands to take care of all your adventurous needs on your Fiji holidays. With its year round temperate climate, most days of the year provide an opportunity to discover that next thrill. ‘Island hopping’ is a thrilling experience in itself. The various islands are unique and each creates a special opportunity for a special moment, a new awareness and a great memory.

Scuba Diving

Beautiful coral reefs surrounding various islands are waiting for you to discover them. No matter who has seen them in the past, in this moment they are once again brand new and just waiting to be explored. The luscious pinks, blues, oranges and orchids are as lovely as any garden in full bloom. The array of colours along with the hidden nooks around the reefs calls to the diver to come into the water to take a closer look. Getting a view of the sea turtles and plethora of fish around the reefs and through the underwater caverns is a thrilling experience for a first time diver or the diver who has gone on many diving vacations. The Northern Islands of Fiji have been developed to provide a great diving ground amongst waterfalls and rainforests.

Game Fishing

A thrill seeker may want to do a little game fishing for a big tussle and a lot of fun. Tuna, mackerel and marlin are the species sought after by the game fisher. Charter a boat and allow an expert to create a great day, a day full of expert advice, good fishing grounds and relaxation as well. Take along an extra set of clothes, just in case.


Fiji tugs on surfers from around the world. The surfing regions in Fiji present thrilling ‘powerhouse’ breaks and unusual experiences wrapped around the various coral reefs. Surfing is especially dassling in the Mamanuca group of islands off the coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. This area sees some of the biggest left and right hand breaks both. These islands have beautiful accommodations, wonderful restaurants and magnificent sunset cruises to round out any surfing vacation.


Kayaking the rivers or the whitewaters of Fiji can take a thrill seeker to various locations such as the Navua and Wainikoroiluva Rivers which are both excellent spots for the kayaking experience. Sea kayaking is becoming more popular and most hotel accommodations will provide at least one kayak with a reservation. It is a great way to get exercise and a wonderful means of seeing the island landscapes, the tropical forests and the sea coral.

Sky Diving

Seeing the Fiji Islands from above is a really awesome experience. Skydive Fiji is the only operation on any of the Islands that provides these instructor controlled moments. The jumps are onto Denarau Island at Nadi but an overview of everything is possible as the jump begins at a mere 14,000 feet. It is a unique experience of free-fall combined with a degree of controlled flight.

There are many more adventures to be had in Fiji. One trip to the Islands will introduce you and all thrill seekers to everything that is available.

Photo by: derekkeats