Active Vacation in Spain

spain-hikingUnfortunately Spain doesn’t manage to rank in the top 10 countries for travel in 2010 but that doesn’t mean you cannot find endless reasons to travel to Spain . Romantic place? Check! Great food? But of course! Culture? It’s there all right. How about a place for an active vacation? Yes, it’s got that too.

In case you need some ideas on how to score excellent deals for such an adventure, you can always check the Travel Gear deals before starting to plan.

Then it’s time to figure out which part of Spain you plan to explore. A very good idea is to start in Barcelona. After all, cheap flights to Barcelona are easy to find, especially if you plan to fly via London. Also, book your room while you are browsing the web for flight deals. Plan to stay for couple of days in the city as there are quite a lot of things to visit and then start exploring the surrounding areas.

In cities such as Barcelona, you can go from hiking a hill in the morning, relaxing on the beach in the evening and dancing the night away in the club at night.

You can choose Girona, a medieval city, the base for exploring the Pyrenees. You’ll be pleased to know that there are mountain huts along the way where you can sleep for a small fee (€10-15 a night) plus, in some places you can even take a shower. All these huts have potable water so you don’t need to carry huge amounts of water with you when you hike. Meals are also served here so you can really cut back on the amount of food you carry around as well. True, choosing to sleep and eat at mountain huts will slightly increase your budget, but the comfort is totally worth it.

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