Adventure Destination: Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve

It’s been a cold, white holiday season here in the Rockies, and a person’s thoughts naturally turn to steamier climes…  To be surrounded by another sort of fluffy white… How about Costa Rica and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve? Thomas Lera recently shared his adventure there with BootsnAll. Here’s my favorite excerpt:

“Although I’ve hiked through the Monteverde Preserve several times without incident, by its very nature it seems mined with hazards. The temperatures can easily reach into the 90s. Craftily camouflaged poison dart frogs and exotic eyelash vipers, filled with treacherous neurotoxins, await your approach. Large, hairy black and yellow spiders the size of a hand string complicated webs across paths. Even the exotic three-wattled bellbirds, lurking high in the canopy of trees, verbally hurl down their loud “bonks” as you walk beneath them. Despite, or maybe because of, all of that, the clear 13 kilometer trail is a long, lovely, humid stroll that allows you to truly get in touch with nature, and just maybe your inner self.”

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