Adventure Travel Relaxation: Sao Nicolau, Cape Verde Islands

Overseas Adventure Travel can be quite taxing on mind, body and soul after a while.  The constant movement, confusion and overall sensory overload can quickly turn any adventure holidays into burnout. Be sure to build time for relaxation into your itinerary. Hell, that’s practically what Thailand was invented for! After two months touring around India, Bangkok seems like a breeze, and the nearby beaches of Koh Samet truly are heaven.

Right up there with India in terms of destinations with a high-potential for stress inducement is just about anywhere in Africa.

The locals from Cape Verde tell us about a tiny place called São Nicolau Island, covered in fine black sand rich in titanium, iodine and other compounds that have become sought after for their ability to provide relief from arthritis, stress and other affects of the world. Did I mention the abundant swordfish and marlin in the surrounding waters? Not a bad break if you ask me. is a great place to start for more info an including this little-known destination in your international adventure travel plans.