An Adventure Racing Update from Iberia to the Arctic

An update on the Adventure Racing world, courtesy of the folks at SleepMonsters:

Yesterday in Portugal the Estoril Portugal XPD 24Hour Race and adventure racing conference drew to a close. The race featured the unique off-road Trikke Scooter, for the final downhill section. Get the full race run-down here.

Not far off, the Gallecia RAID also just wrapped up in Spain. Check out the remarkable zipline..

Now, looking ahead – On February 11th, the Yukon Arctic Ultra will see dozens of competitors taking off down the route of the Yukon Quest sleddog race, a 460 mile endeavor of freezing ridiculosity. According to Sleepmonsters’ Jessica Simon:

The Arctic Ultra marathon marks the final road access before the next finish line 100 miles north on the historic Dawson Overland Trail. A 30 mile section of lake-dotted landscape lies ahead, crossed by a steady wind that scrubs the ice surface bare. Further down the Yukon River, the 300-mile route ends after a loop via road and river to Pelly Farms. From there the inaugural 460 darts into the Black Hills and through the Klondike gold fields to Dawson City.

The journey, previously known only to Quest teams and Canadian Rangers, promises high adventure. After race director Robert Pollhammer announced the Black Hills extension, Mike Simon scouted it. In the final 60 miles “athletes have to climb slopes with clear avalanche sign,” he observed. “It changes from year to year, so route-finding skills are crucial.”

Registration is also still open for the Arctic Team Challenge in Greenland next summer and a host of other Adventure Races around the globe for the next year.