Around-the-World Coffees Found in South Africa

coffee.jpgWhere backpackers tend to go, there is bound to be coffee. Coffee gives us the get up ‘n go and as backpackers like to jot things down (writers, are we?), coffee is now also synonymous to writing and reading. Travellers to South Africa find that Italian and other blends of coffees and teas can be savoured. Various coffeehouses, exporters, importers, coffee growers, and processors dwell all over the area. The java culture has taken a huge growth spurt in South Africa. It might be surprising to find such a hot drink to be desired in such a hot location but the number of coffee consumers have increased. This is partially due to the marketing of premium brands versus cheaper brands. Quality coffee demand has caused a growth of coffee houses, coffee shops, and coffee kiosks. A cup of caffeine to go or on the slow to those who choose South Africa as their travel destination!