Audio Dispatch: Talkeetna, Alaska after-hours

We’ll be rounding out our first week here at AdventureLogue with another dispatch from Alaska, this time with a bit of audio provided. Starting tomorrow, we’ll move to another part of the world, but for today, listen to a slice of life in Alaska on an ordinary summer Friday. Read on for a link to the mp3.

In the shadow of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley, the town of Talkeetna is best described by colorful bumper stickers proclaiming it “A Quaint Little Drinking Village with a Climbing Problem,” although many people recognize it as the inspiration for the series “Northern Exposure.”

Since the town’s most historic and rowdy watering hole shut its doors last year, locals and tourists have been forced to adapt to a nightlife in Talkeetna without the Fairview Inn.

Listen here (mp3)

This story was originally produced for public radio station KTNA-FM in Talkeetna and the Alaska Public Radio Network in Anchorage.