Birdsville Races in Australia

birdsville-town.jpgBirdsville? What’s in a name? Where the heck is Birdsville? Is it anywhere near Plainsville? Boonesville? When you think of Birdsville, what comes to mind? A place where birds dwell?

This dot-of-a-town is considered a place to venture when one wants a place of pure isolation. It hugs the very edge of the Simpson Desert and is known to be Australia’s most remote area. However, the land has many inhabitants–a large variety of birds. Thus, the former town of Diamantina Crossing was renamed “Birdsville”.

Birdsville becomes a hopping and happening place during the first weekend in September of each year as people head for the true outback experience during the annual Birdsville Races. People from all over the “Land Down Under” come to camp out under the stars (as this is the only form of lodging) to experience the unique events before the horse races, the twelve-race program, and to see who will grab their share of the $125,000 plus prize money. They get to this town via the Birdsville Track, an all terrain outback kinda trail. It’s usually recommended that you travel with another vehicle when taking the road that leads to food, beer, and racing competition.