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Daily Dose: Monday, September 11th

As I said earlier, still here in New Mexico and not going anywhere anytime soon. I’m going to have to take a short jaunt down a local trail here soon to keep everything in balance. On to the dose:

Survivor Guided Tours @ Ground Zero
A fitting tribute for today’s somber anniversary.

On your marks, get set, Don’t Breathe!
I’m still trying to figure this one out myself, so come, let’s learn together shall we? The sport is called free-diving – those loco folks that try to dive as far as possible without any SCUBA or other gear. The National Championships are just about to get started in Hawaii. Keep an eye on the official website for more info.

Who Needs Dry Land?
Life on the deep blue worked for Kevin Costner, right? Ok, bad example. But it may seriously be time to start planning for a life more aquatic, according to the UK Guardian. Maybe freediving could be an important skill set for the future, after all.

Europe on a Budget
Now I don’t usually recycle adventure travel advice from a guy wearing a tie, but there’s some valuable tips on getting around the Old World here that are useful to all travellers.

RAID World Championship update
Keep tabs on the leaders at the World Championship of Adventure Racing, underway right now in Quebec.

Why Didn’t They Think of that Earlier?
LAX introduces a new way to check your bags. In other airport news, a popular concourse in Miami is closing down.
Today’s Destination: Puerto Rico’s Rain Forest
When you just need a quick escape from the Mainland…