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Daily Dose: Saturday, September 9th

It’s been a gloomy week here in New Mexico – summer appears to be done, or maybe it is still recovering from Labor Day weekend like the rest of us. Cooler temperatures make for the perfect time of year to hit the desert martian landscape of Southern Utah. Our plan is to head for Moab next week. Just a quick adventure getaway to tide us over until a big trip to Central America in the beginning of 2007. But, since it’s only September, we’re likely to need alot more tiding, hopefully you’ll be joining us the whole way.

A Real Walk to Remember
In adventure travel, sometimes it can be nice to slow things down and just go for a walk. Like Rory Stewart, who set out for a stroll across Afghanistan shortly after the U.S. invasion in 2002. In a new book, the author tells the story of his walk through a war zone.

Then Again, Why Walk When You Can Bike?
Granted, things might be a little less dicey in Cuba, depending how much time you spend at Guantanamo. Kate Humble made the journey anyway.

Get to Dublin and the Rest of your Trip is Free
God bless RyanAir. The airline is offering free tickets to win back customers after the scare from last month’s foiled terrorist plot.

A Truly Awesome Road Trip
The British Guardian newspaper sports a nice collection of travelogues on its website. But my favorite so far is the blokes and blokettes? that just wrapped up a road rally from London to Mongolia. Follow their path here.

Today’s Destination (maybe?): Lhasa, Tibet
To go or not to go? Now is the time to see Lhasa before it is completely unrecognizable from its former self thanks to globalization, just know that if you go, you’ll be helping to speed the process.