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Daily Dose: Sunday, September 10th

The sun is back out today in Northern New Mexico – still got the itchy feet, though, the Canyonlands are calling. The wife has never been to Utah – she’s in for a treat. Look for dispatches from Moab this week, if she can get out of work and our good friend Camper van Beethoven (our 1977 Dodge Santana Conversion Van) doesn’t run into any problems.  More on that later, now on to the Sunday edition of the dose:

Super Hard-Core, Antarctic-style
I dare you, no, no I DOUBLE DAWG dare you to find any footrace more extreme than the Ice Marathon. A jaunt through the middle of Antarctica? No problem, right? Sheesh, I think I feel my manhood shrinking up inside my abdomen as we speak.

RAID World Championships underway!
The world championship of adventure racing got started yesterday in Quebec. Last I checked, USA’s Team Spyder was in the lead and paddling like mad. Follow the race at .

Stingray tours to continue despite Irwin’s death
Tour operators that introduce tourists to stingrays in places like “Stingray City” off Grand Cayman Island plan to continue business as usual, according to CNN.

Borat Lives!
This is posted for no reason other than the simple fact that I love Borat, and you should too. His new movie could meaning a coming boon for tourism in Kazakhstan. Read the NY Times article.

Today’s Destination: Safaris in Rwanda and Uganda
The African nations are recovering from their war-torn pasts and emerging as adventure stopovers.