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Daily Dose: Thursday, September 7th

The kinks are getting worked out here at AdventureLogue. Look for future editions of Daily Dose to be available bright and early in the a.m. Guaranteed to wake you up and stop wasting so much money at Starbucks.

Hanging out in Iraq’s Zones of Many Colors

In case you missed it, you must check out this account of two guys who quit their jobs selling t-shirts outside baseball games and bought a ticket to Baghdad, where they strolled the green and red zones for a few months until they heard there was a contract out on their heads. An excerpt from their just released book, Babylon by Bus, was published in the August issue of Outside.

‘The Other Iraq’

Ok, so let’s say you’ve misplaced your Kevlar vest and aren’t quite ready to step into the Red Zone, or the Green Zone, for that matter. No worries, Kurdistan is beckoning to you. The more or less autonomous and more or less peaceful region of northern Iraq recently launched a campaign to lure tourists, calling itself the ‘Other Iraq.’ The Kurdistan Development Corporation also has a website with travel info at

Take a Train to Get High

What’s believed to be the longest zipline in the United States is open for business just north of Durango, Colorado. Tucked in the sweet San Juan mountains, it’s only accessible by braving the tourist trail and taking the Silverton & Durango historic narrow gauge railroad. Once you’re there, just ignore the big lodge and head straight for the tree-tops, where 1.2 miles of helicopter-grade cable takes you over groves of Aspen and the Animas River. Check it out at the Soaring Tree-top Adventures website.

Leave the guns at home, come on down to Colombia!

Things are looking up for the tourism trade in Colombia, according to the British site, Tiscali. The country once (and arguably still) known for unending guerilla conflict and a deadly drug trade, is now opening its arms to tourism.

What the hell is Glamping?

It’s short for ‘glamorous camping,’ and it is posted here to offset the three above posts on traveling in Iraq and Colombia, and to become a subject of severe mockery. These friendly Canadians will help us understand the concept.

Culinary kayaking in Clayoquot

Now here’s some folks who are truly earning their right to a little luxury at the end of the day. Again, the canucks have the scoop.

Filtering the news on filters

From the not-so-exciting but possibly life-saving file, there is officially a blog on everything, including water filters. So, if your local REI employee looks like more of a weekend gearhead than a hard-core adventurer and you want a second opinion, check out