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Daily Dose: Tuesday, September 12th

Good to finally be out of the shadow of yesterday’s anniversary. Pretty strange vibe in the air all day, I noticed. Went to my first day of spanish class yesterday in an attempt to brush up for the coming winter adventure to South America, which is still in the planning phases and subject to change. We plan to land somewhere between Panama and Patagonia, that’s about all I know. Enough blathering, time to hit you with the dose:

Here’s a Tip for Ya, Buddy
The good folks at CNN offer some precious advice for doling out gratuities abroad, which could save you both money and embarassment on your next adventure. Remember, it’s knowing the little things that often lead to the best experiences.

Psycho-alert level: Orange
I’m finding these reports that people are carrying out revenge killings on Stingrays to avenge the death of the Crocodile Hunter both sad and pathetic, and against everything the man stood for.

Love Shacks, Baby
Leave it to Fodor’s to come up with such campy, pretentious, and yet intriguing travel themes. What’s next? The Jon Benet reality tour? Wait, I think that one already happened.

Travel in Bizarre Style
Ever spent the night in a Swedish treehouse? How about the world’s largest beagle? Or an underwater aquarium? Check out all those and more at Unusual Hotels of the World.

Couch Potato Adventurers Wanted
This looks like a pretty sweet gig for any of you armchair adventurers out there that prefer to watch people explore the world. Recap Amazing Race 10, make a little extra cash: Sweet.

RAID, Day 4
The World Championship of Adventure racing continues in Quebec and Sleepmonsters has the updates.
Today’s Destination: Scottish Safari
Think Robin Hood meets Timbuktu.