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Daily Dose – Wednesday, September 6

Now that Labor Day madness is finally over, time to pack away the grill and the cooler and start planning some REAL adventures. Summer has officially ended, so what better time to begin heading to warmer climes? And volunteer a little tie along the way? This AP article details the journey of a group of Canuck adventurers that packed their bags for Ecuador to get their hands dirty for a good cause — building latrines for a small jungle village.

Check out these organizations that put together volunteering excursions to the third-world:
Cross-Cultural Solutions
Volunteer Abroad (Canada)

Capitalizing on Conflict

Lebanon’s Daily Star reports on a trend some may find disturbing. Israeli companies are now offering tours based around the country’s conflicts with its neighbors. See you along the Katyusha Trail, weary traveler.

Shoestring Adventure

Morocco, the French Alps, Mediterranean islands. Sound beyond your budget? Think again. USA Today lists these destinations among the top bargains for adventure travel.

Powder Preview at Silverton Mountain

Listen up snowhounds, like the kids say these days: It’s on at Silverton Mountain. No, scratch that. It is so &%^$ing on. The nation’s only all extreme-skiing resort just got a little bit bigger. The surely jealous folks over the ridge at the Telluride Daily Planet are reporting that Silverton is now the sixth biggest ski area in Colorado, surpassing Telluride. And Silverton does it all with only one lift.

Best withhold all jokes, boysBecome a Wife-Carrying Champion

Here’s a truly amazing race for you. No matter whether you’re a neanderthal with a club or a dedicated stay-at-home dad, the opportunity to carry your lady across the finish line and win her weight in beer in more than enough reason to enter the Wife-Carrying World Championships in Finland. The 2006 race is already over, but keep an eye on the website for upcoming races or to sign up. The Guardian also has this guide to the world’s wackiest races.

Some Seriously Crazy Bastards…

Looking to go really gonzo and check out the places they don’t write guidebooks for? Then keep close tabs on Polo’s Bastards. If Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda and Somalia sound like places you’d like to check out, these are the people that can give you the inside scoop.

One Hump or Two?

For all you dromedary fanatics out there, the annual Pushkar Camel Fair is coming up in the beautiful Indian state of Rajahstan. Make plans fast for the festival that begins October 29th, or be the geek standing alone in the corner with a leftover llama.