Diamond Rush: World’s Only Public Diamond Mine Offers Adventures and Treasures


Believed to be the eighth largest diamond reserve in the world, Crater of Diamonds. offers a unique adventure of seeking treasures at the world’s only public mine and finders are keepers as any diamonds found can be kept. A diamond of nearly 2.75 carats was found last week by a thirteen year old female who was walking a trail.

For a small fee (adults $6.50, children $3.50), prospectors can seek your fortune in 37 acres of an ancient diamond-filled volcanic pipe located in Murfreesboro, Arkanasas.
Shovels and other supplies are available for rent. The first discoveries were a 3-carat white diamond and a 1.5 carat yellow diamond by “Diamond John” Huddleston. The largest diamond ever found in the United States came from this volcanic pipe. The “Uncle Sam” is over 40 carats! The crater also yielded the most perfect diamond ever certified by the American Gem Society, 3.03 carat. Since 1972, the area became a state park and over 25,000 diamonds have been taken home from the “crater”. Most diamonds are small and are collected as souvenirs. Semi-precious stones such as garnet, amethyst agate, and jasper dot the mine. Some of the most famous diamond finds are:

“Uncle Sam” Found: 1924 Rough Weight: 40.23 carats Cut Weight: 12.42 carats
“Amarillo Starlight” Found: 1975 Rough Weight: 16.37 carats Cut Weight: 7.54 carats
“Star of Arkansas” Found: 1956 Rough Weight: 15.33 carats Cut Weight: 8.27 carats

Other adventures including trout fishing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and wildlife viewing can be experienced near Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park or within driving distance. For those who don’t want to rough it up too much or want to add some creature comforts to the wilderness experience, the park has a water playground, restaurant, and much more. Who knew that there is so much treasure hidden in the state of Arkansas?