Fiji – Unsettled in the South Pacific

This ain’t no-Thailand style coup, apparently. Fiji Resorts are Deserted and Tourist Arrivals Down 90% since the recent coup, but as I’ve said before, the current travel warnings for the tiny island nation are some of the very few from the state department that I might actually consider heeding, given the fact that there is no quick train or bus out of Dodge in the case of a sudden takeover of the airport by the military, and let’s just say that I’m not so hot at navigating through the South Pacific, especially since I misplaced my sextant.

However, indications from on the ground that I’ve been able to dig up make it appear that there is little chaos on the islands, witnessed by this couple that ignored all warnings and went ahead with their destination wedding plans in Fiji.

As was true in Thailand, coup leaders likely realize that they’re in big trouble without tourism dollars. It should aussuage some travelers’ concerns to know that like in Thailand, frequent coups are part of the culture in Fiji, so proceed with caution, if you choose to proceed.

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