Globe Trekker Now Screening on Your Home Computer

gttvIf you are one of us who likes to fill in the gaps between trips by watching travel shows, you are probably already a fan of the Globe Trekker series. They’ve been the best source of adventure travel shows since they started in 1994 as the Lonely Planet series. They changed their name a few years back to Globe Trekker in some areas and Pilot Guides in others, but the format remained the same and travelers Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro, and Megan McCormick are still producing new episodes.

The good news is that you can now watch most all of their past shows on your home computer. With the GlobeTrekkerChannel you can watch almost everything out of their catalogue of amazing travel shows, with new ones being added regularly. The first step is to register on the GlobeTrekkerChannel site so you can receive news of which new shows will be posted next. Then you buy credits and begin viewing at your leisure. Once you choose a show you can watch it an unlimited number of times for seven days.

In addition to the Globe Trekker shows they also have various other adventure series as well as Planet Food. You can even download that catchy Globe Trekker theme song to your mobile device, and check out recipes from Planet Food. There are some free interviews with the main hosts so you can see what the quality is like before you commit.