Hang Glider Obit

dan.jpgI found this a little bit disturbing because I used to live down the street from this spot during my days of dot-com silliness in San Francisco. (Not to be confused with this particular bit of dot-com silliness.) I’ve stolen this from MetaFilter ( By the way – Note to MF: Charging for membership to an online forum? Are you serious?). Be sure to check out the videos

Extraordinary Hang Glider Murdered– Sunday, August 20, 2006 Dan Murphy was just pulling up on his motorcycle at his favorite place to hang glide in San Francisco. Fort Funston, just south of the City, is known for having perfect conditions for the sport. But on this day a deranged man approached him in the parking lot, shooting him in the head at point-blank range. Before the man turned the gun on himself he also shot one of Dan’s friends who was nearby. Dan died from his injuries, but he leaves behind a couple of short videos that reveal some of his amazing hang gliding feats, including an Icarus-like crash, and perhaps his moment of glory when he successfully made a pinpoint landing into a stationary wheelbarrow. Evidently Dan took great pleasure in twisting in the saddle on take-off. Here’s his signature move. .