Hitch50 Update: Alaska

Remember the guys from Hitch50.com? They were the two guys attempting to Hitchhike to all fifty capitals in fifty days. Since we last mentioned them, they’ve been busy, getting some airtime on CNN, MSNBC and plenty of other places. It’s been 24 days so far, and at the halfway point they’ve already made it to 29 capitals. But, you might remember me wondering out the outset of all this, just how they planned to get to Alaska and Hawaii. Turns out they managed to hitch a one-way plane ride from Ohio to Juneau, where they’re currently stuck. Maybe it’s time they started swimming south… Here’s what they blogged about it. Oh, and yes, definitely take that free flight to Anchorage, boys, there’s no road out of Juneau.
The picture at the bottom of this post is us with Josh and Trevor from Arctic Aces, a small tour and cargo company out of Alaska. These two guys are kind enough to take us on a scenic plane ride. To Alaska. That’s why we relocated so abruptly from the midwest. This was a ride offer we couldn’t refuse.

But there’s a catch, it’s a one way trip to Juneau. We have no idea how we’ll get back to the lower 48. Got any ideas?

Maybe we can try out our awesome moves to get out of Juneau: