How Green of an Adventurer are you?

planeDo you ever feel a twinge of guilt zipping across the planet on hundreds of gallons of jet fuel just so you can explore a new locale far from the smog-choked metropolises of home? Or what about all the tons of CO2 emissions we’ve all churned into the atmosphere on countless summer road-trips to explore our pristine National Parks?

For the eco-conscious traveler, there are ways to atone for your carbon sins, right down to the exact amount of exhaust your movements between adventures spew into the atmosphere.

The folks at Sustainable Travel International are all about responsible travel and eco-tourism, but they’re also taking it a step further, offering a greenhouse gas calculator to determine just how much your travels might be contributing to heating up the planet, and selling carbon credits to offset those emissions.

It’s a bit confusing, I know, but the basic idea is to figure out how many pounds of greenhouse gases your travels contribute to the atmosphere and then assigning a dollar value to that amount. Pay that dollar amount into a fund to help develop renewable energies and other carbon-cutting intitiatives, and you’ve just erased all of the pollution created by your travels (in theory). If you’re still confused, STI has a video to help explain things, just like in 6th grade science class.

Or get to work now on your carbon karma with STI’s greenhouse gas calculator.