Kicking back in Antigua

Not only did we decide to pamper ourselves a bit with a plane ride across Guatemala rather than an overnight bus trip, but we´ve also departed from the budget, backpacking adventure theme here in Antigua, where we´re spending a week at the Radisson´s Villa Antigua resort.  Have we gone totally soft? Actually it was a gift, and hey, this is our honeymoon after all, remember?

Funny thing is that as soon as we got south of Tulum in Mexico, we were remarking the whole time that we seem to have lost all of the other American travelers. All the other solo travellers seemed to be European or Canadian. But we´ve found them all again here. This place seems to be dominated by our countrymen and women.

The Villa Antigua has it´s own compound set up on the southwest corner of the old city, about a block from the cobbled old streets of Antigua. I wont get into the myriad luxuries we´re spoiling ourselves with here. After all, I want to keep some street cred in the budget scene, but rest assured it´s one hell of a honeymoon.