Machame Route Up Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount kilimanjaro view

The Machame route up Mount Kilimanjaro is a popular route with many hikers and backpackers who want to take their time reaching the summit. Also known as the Whiskey Route, the Machame route takes about seven days to complete. Every section of the trail and campsite will bring something new, ensuring that you never get bored with the same old scenery.

Prepare to be amazed with the variety of landscapes and views you will see from your hike up Mount Kilimanjaro. You will come across a variety of landscapes including; alpine deserts, rainforests, moorlands, and rock gardens. Because Mount Kilimanjaro is a free standing mountain, your climb will allow for breath taking views of the grass lands, volcanos, and hills around the base.

On your first day hiking Mount Kilimanjaro you’ll travel upwards through dense vegetation, muddy trails, and short sections of steep climbs. This is the rain forest section of the hike.
As you continue out of the rainforest and into the moorlands of Mount Kilimanjaro, the day usually finishes at the Shira Camp which is located on a small plateau in the moorlands. This camp site offers spectacular views of Kibo and Mount Meru. If you feel up for a day hike, there is a cool set of caves known as the Shira Caves, just a short walk from camp.

Once you head out from the Shira camp you will start your hike into the alpine desert region of Mount Kilimanjaro. This part of the hike brings you through the Garden of Senecias which is odd desert scenery full of senecio and lobelia plants.

After your done hanging out in the Garden of Sencias camp is when the real fun starts to happen. Now you’ll be starting your ascent of the Barranco Wall of Mount Kilimanjaro. This are of the hike includes fun scrambles, stream crossings, and rivulets.

The last few days of your Mount Kilimanjaro hike are the summit approach. Typically you’ll attempt to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro early in the morning. The summit approach takes around six hours.

Almost as much fun as the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro is the descent. The descent back down to the Barafu Camp takes around four hours, but many hikers scree slide this section. Scree sliding is a combination of sliding and running down loose gravel. Its more fun than it sounds I promise!

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