Offsetting the Greenhouse Gases from our Travels

Time to promote both myself and a good cause – the future of the earth. Later today, a story I produced for NPR’s Justice Talking will be fed over the satellite to public radio stations nationwide and become available for online listening at the show’s site. The story is a primer on the use of Carbon Offsets to balance out individuals’ and companies’ greenhouse gas pollution. To fully understand the concept, you’ll probably need to listen to the story, or better yet, check out the entire hour-long show on greenhouse gases.

My story focuses partially on how much our travels contribute to global warming. You’d be surprised by how many tons of carbon dioxide your last flight to Bangkok put into the atmosphere. Anyhow, check out the story, and visit some of the sites mentioned – namely Sustainable Travel International’s (As Mary at Ecotravellogue recently informed us, STI was ranked among the top carbon offset providers) or also, Al Gore’s