Offshore Sailing Schools

Sailing Offshore

If Jimmy Buffet songs make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and the idea of pirates fascinates you, perhaps you should look into offshore sailing schools. All offshore sailing schools will teach you the basics of what you need to know to captain your own boat. (How to plunder and pillage is a different class altogether.)

While offshore sailing schools many not teach you to be the next Captain Jack Sparrow, they will teach you the finer points of sailing. Don’t know your bow from your stern? Don’t worry, that’s what the offshore sailing schools are for.

Offshore sailing schools usually have several ranges of classes based on skill level. The most popular though is the introductory class. The basic classes at many offshore sailing schools are perfect for those new to the sport or those who just need a refresher course.

The classes at a worthwhile off shore sailing school don’t come cheap. Prices can range from $2,500 to over $4,000. Course lengths vary from one offshore sailing school to another, but are generally between a week to ten days. Meals and accommodations are usually included.

Many of the classes at offshore sailing schools are very small. One reason is of course because the boats are small. The other being that its easier for the instructor to give you one-on-one training. Towards the end of the course, some offshore sailing schools will even let you and your fellow students sail around by yourself for a while.

Locations for offshore sailing schools tend to be located near prime sailing waters. Some of the more popular locations for offshore sailing schools are the Caribbean and the Florida Coast. This isn’t to say these are best or only locations. There plenty of schools and destinations around the world.

Want to get a heads up on your sailing skills before you take off to your first offshore sailing school? Then check out these free fundamentals of sailing techniques brought to you by Steve and Doris Colgate’s Offshore sailing school.