Other Dangerous, er, adventurous places to visit

It’s been a pretty rough week for civil strife around the world, with North Korea rattling its sabre and talking about trading sanctions for war. NK tends to shoot its mouth off quite often without really ever making a move, and its reported tests of a nuclear bomb have yet to be confirmed, but this is a country with an oddball leader in charge of the world’s fifth largest military. But, it’s also a very poor country (they tend to spend on money on food before guns), so odds are that if you can get in the country, they wont turn away your tourist dollars.

Here’s the official line from the state department for Americans attempting to make the trip to North Korea. If you’ve got the cash to make things a little easier for yourself, check out Koryo Tours. Wikitravel also offers a wealth of information.

Also the headlines reveal escalating trouble in the Phillipines, where we hear it is safe to travel in many parts of the country, but new bombings recently prompted the British Foreign Office to strengthen its Philippines travel warning.