Passport Changes for Travel in the Americas

Dig out that handy li’l blue book that proves you exist as an American, for better or for worse.  Apparently, the Bolivian Government takes the latter perspective, because the South American country is now requiring American visitors to obtain a visa to enter the country.


The Bolivian government announced the policy change on US visitors after a two-day cabinet meeting. President Evo Morales said although Bolivia was labeled as a small , underdeveloped country, it still had dignity like any other country. The measure went into effect on Monday, according to the government announcement. You can expect to pay up to $85 for the Bolivian Visa, according to some unconfirmed reports.

Americans will also need their passports for air travel to Mexico and Canada beginning Jan. 23, but if you travel by land or sea the requirements do not start until January of 2008.