Every day is an adventure whether it’s locally or a trip to some far away distant land. Each adventure presents many photo opportunities and yet there are those few chance moments where you suddenly find yourself with the photo opportunity of a lifetime. Photography contests give you a chance to submit those pictures to share with the world and to win great prizes and titles. presents Joe Hunt’s “Sentinels of the Serengeti”. Although photos don’t pay justice to the actual scenery, events, and emotions of the moment, Joe happened to capture a candid shot that only chance could grant him-or almost anyone. As he was leaving the Ngorongoro Crater of Tanzania, a surreal scene appeared before his eyes. Sixty miles behind lay the horizon line as five Masaai men stood in the forefront. Joe stated that the scale of this image was incredible! The driver would not stop as they were already running late and the only frame that worked was a result of rushing to change the camera setting and holding the camera out the window at arm’s length. Now talk about a chance photo opportunity of a lifetime!

There are many photo contests out there that give you the chance to enter your chance photos. You don’t have to be a professional photographer (and yet there are contests that are geared just for you pros). The true National Geographic type pictures are the ones that capture the expression just right, describes the moment exactly how it happened without using one word, and shows the light (or darkness) precisely how Mother Nature had painted it.

Loads of photo contests with great prizes and recognition are out there. Don’t pass up the opportunity to share your photos. Whether you only pick up a camera once a year, only on vacation, as a willing (or unwilling volunteer), as a hobby, or as a wanna-be or true professional, there are contests out there just for you. Take the time to enter your photos. You never know what may happen! kodak.jpg