Resurgent Hot Spot: East Timor

Here at AdventureLogue, we strive to keep you up to date with all the trouble spots around the globe for adventure travelers who might be passing through and for you slightly nutty people (fellow journalists included) who actually seek this stuff out. While things in Southern Mexico continue to simmer just below full-blown conflict and conflict in the MidEast is all over the news, other hotspots get pushed out of the public eye. Indonesia and East Timor have always suffered from a lack of attention to their suffering. And it looks as if things in the world’s newest nation are getting a little hairy again.

Blogger tumbleweed in timor lorosae updates us on the siege at the airport. Here’s an excerpt:

It sounds a bit dramatic but i kinda get that feeling from the reports coming in from Lusa the portuguese news agency and other sources. Apparently the gang war ranging in the airport area has become so bad that the Comoro bridge was blocked off and the airport actually shut down, and attacked by the people living in the camp nearby. The AirNorth flight was cancelled and apparently 2 international soldiers were hurt in the fray, and that real bullets (not GNR rubber ones) were flying about.