Transatlantic 21: Holy Green Eco-EuroBalls, Batman!

Major props to another batch of crazy Euros with an environmental bent. These folks are taking off to cross the Atlantic in a Solar powered skiff, that looks more like something I once rode on a booze cruise somewhere in Missouri.  Here’s the news release:

On Monday, 16 October 2006, the catamaran was officially launched by Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey. At a ceremony that took place before an invited audience the boat was christened “sun21”. At 7 pm it set off from Schifflände on the world’s first solar-powered transatlantic crossing.

The journey actually starts on the rivers of western Europe, before working their way through the English Channel, down to Gibraltar, over to the Canary Islands, across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, well, just check out the Map here.