Travel adventure jobs and careers


Blend travel and adventure with your career. Vacation and work at the same time. Ever wonder what’s on the other side of the cubicle? What’s it like to be out of the rat race? Well, there are jobs that will let you work hard and play hard. Don’t limit your wanderlust to just holiday time and don’t just keep your work experience and education to the corporate world. Mesh fantasy with reality and choose the destination and job of your dreams. Many companies and businesses offer jobs that let you meet the bills by pursuing active travel. You don’t have to be born in an exotic location, hold a degree in geology, or have traveled all the continents

For you water babies, jobs that let you bob in the water include canoe guides, captain of a boat, cruise ship staff, kayak guides, white-water rafting guides, fishing guides, and river guides. Surf sites to learn more about these jobs:

For you landlubbers, these employment opps will keep you close to shore and to adventure: tour guides, cycling guides, camp staff, trail staff, safari guides, horseback guides, ski guides, rock climbing guides, and safari guides. Check out land job descriptions at:

The jobs get more creative as your skills and imagination climb the extreme thermometer. Outdoor adventure employment include: mountaineering guides, trekking guides, outfitting staff, wilderness specialists, and outdoor educators. These jobs and careers can even be searched by location such states, regions, and countries so go and map it at some of these websites:

Like other jobs, you have to do the research, interview, and provide the necessary stuff. Find a good match in jobs and location. Interview them as well. See how the company matches you. Look at their goals and objectives. Make sure it’s a win-win situation. Although travel adventure jobs and careers are not considered “typical”, the steps still remain pretty much the same in your job search and interview, in a sense. However, when you do land the adventure career that you want, it’s not just a j.o.b.!