Unmanned rescue flight on Everest – Coming Soon?

Think Everest is crowded these days? All the adventuring magazines have been telling us that in recent years, with tales of horror and inexperienced climbers losing their lives without any assistance from the multitudes of climbers that amble on by. But it could soon be getting even more crowded, especially with the promise of a new unmanned copter to pluck folks off the mountain. The UK Guardian had the story:


“Built from lightweight composite materials, the Alpine Wasp has a revolutionary diesel engine and rotor blades designed to function in the thin air of high altitude. “We are going to challenge the science of aviation at extreme altitude and conquer new frontiers on Mt Everest and in Nepal,” Rogers says. The lack of a pilot has left some Everest climbers a little anxious. “Who wants to be first in line to test this thing?” one veteran said. But Rogers and his team are adamant an unmanned aircraft is the way to go.”

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