Volunteer for an Adventure Travel


More travelers are looking to combine volunteerism with adventure travel for a more meaningful experience. This can be a win-win situation for all. According to a survey by “The Voice of Travel Survey” as posted by the Travel Wire Industry 47% of participants (ages 35-47) were interested in taking a vacation that allows them to volunteer. Can you imagine the difference between a holiday spent on the beach or sunning by the pool versus learning how to carve a canoe with the natives as you work with local children to learn the ancient skill? You’re also gaining invaluable experience while making a difference in your destination. Not only is beneficial to those who volunteer and those who receive the services, it’s also a great way to experience travel and adventure without spending lots of money.

Adventure travel that is fulfilling, where the positive impact is not placed only on the traveler but also on the people and places being visited, can lead to even more challenges and fulfillment. Embark on journeys that give greater freedom to mind, body, and spirit such as ringing birds on the Greek island of Antikythira. If that’s not your forte then how about

volunteering to restore the charming village of Provence. If you are a pet lover and want to learn the culture and life of Mexico, try spending some time with our furry friends at the Humane Society on the island of Cozumel. You can get all the info at www.islacozumel.net

Just remember it’s what you do in your free time that makes the greatest impact on your world and you!