Xinjiang, China’s Glacier Hikes: Get ’em while they’re hot…ummm…err…cold!


There are over 46,000 glaciers in China which cover 60,000 kilometers. These glaciers are mainly located in Xinjiang and Tibet. Sadly, they have shrunk about 200 feet for nearly forty years now. The Chinese Academy of Sciences reports that the average internal temperature of Xinjiang, China’s glaciers is ten percent higher. Global warming (the waste product of human activity such as air pollution and carbon dioxide) is believed to be the cause. If this continues, the Xinjiang region can be devastatingly affected. The northern area of this region consist of semi-continental glaciers and extreme continental glaciers lie in the southern glacier system. Shrinking glaciers can cause extreme runoffs which can cause flooding in to low-lying areas and drought to locations that are arid. Eventually the high country’s tundra will turn to desert which will cause other problems such as sandstorms and less grassland for raising livestock and for wildlife.

However, the effects of global warming will take many years and the glaciers are still here for some fantasic hikes where you can see amazing wildlife such as leopards

Various organizations are embarking on ways to reduce greenhouse gases to preserve delicate ecosystems. Researching ways for a region to adapt to climate changes will help reduce the effects of global warming. Research involves studying the high-altitude wetlands’ ability to cope with climate changes. Monitoring of rivers’ water levels is one method used. Organizations such as Greenpeace have formed partnerships with the European Wind Energy Association and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association are attempting to make sure that wind power is used in the production of China’s future energy production.

However, the effects of global warming takes a while and there is still time to venture on a glacier hike. There are many incredible glacier hikes in China that you can take. However, the hikes of Xinjiang will lead you to wildlife such as leopards and mountain goats. Other experiences that can be gained on an adventure glacier hike include the village life of local inhabitants, children, living in remote areas, and many tumbling waterfalls See breathtaking sunsets over lakes, explore ancient cities, and visit with nomad families. There are many trekking companies and tour groups that will custom build the glacier hike trip of your dreams.