Thanksgiving: Turkey, Stuffing and Kim Jong Il

As AdventureLogue reader ‘Tyler’ pointed out, there are other ways to get to North Korea. Looks like Adventure Korea’s last trip was in September, but good news adventurers, it appears there is another North Korea Trip to Geumgangsan Mountain planned for November 24th – 26th, and there are over 40 seats left! Anybody up for a Thanksgiving weekend you’ll never forget? Here’s what they say about the trip:

Geumgangsan Mountain, Where every South Korean wants to visit at least once In their life, shoot up near the east coast, towering above North Koreas side of the Demilitarized Zone, the symbol of ideological demarcation. Including the tallest Birobong peak1,638m). they stretch 40kilometers east and west and 60kilometers South and north. Almost 12,000 rugged pinnacles create the miracles of this magnificent sub-range and is considered the most beautiful place on the Korean peninsula.

Cost of the three day trip from South Korea is about 350,000 won or $367. And tickets to Seoul ain’t too shabby right now, either. Hmmm…..