Adventure Planning: Last Minute Shopping

Our flight leaves tomorrow for Florida, then it’s on to Cancun, our jumping off point for the great Central American Honeymoon Adventure of 2007. Today was a day for last-minute shopping. So what were the things we almost forgot but couldn’t do with out? I wish somebody would ave posted this list for us a week a go, so here it is:

  • A combination lock for bags on long bus rides and other insecure places.
  • Mosquito net and Permithin spray
  • Spanish pocket phrasebook (because the dictionary is just too bulky)
  • Homeopathic treatments for common illnesses (because Cipro is almost as nasty as diarrhea)
  • Nylon zip-away, sun and mosquito repellent pants for half price. Sweet!
  • Water filter refill
  • Iodine and virus-killing tablets for backup
  • Extra tubing for water filter (it got contaminated last time)
  • Hydration tablets
  • Last but certainly not least… TRAVEL INSURANCE!

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