Adventure to the Yucatan is Underway… sort of.

Hey all, sorry the posts have been a bit tardy of late. It’s been a wild time full of moving out of our house and preparing for Honeymoon advenuture ’07. But we are finally on our way! kind of…  We’re in Florida now, visiting the in-laws and on our way to Cancun on Tuesday.  The last week has been a blur of the last things on our checklist: Traveler’s Checks, travel insurance and (ug) vaccines.  Fortunately, it only takes one trip to India to ensure that you’re likely to be protected against some of the nastiest tropical nasties out there. We took that trip two years ago, and most of those vaccines are still good. Still had to get poked twice for Hep A and Hep B, though. But that soreness in the arm is a good kind, it gives a real kind of visceral sense that you’re actually on your way to someplace new, exciting, and yes, a bit dangerous.  We might be in a gated community right now, but a week from this moment…. there’s a whole big, wide world out there, baby.