Everyone has their own idea of what an adventure trip should be. To some it’s scaling the face of Mount Everest, for others it’s a cruise to adventurous destinations, and to some its sitting on the inside circle of the race track. No matter what your idea of adventure trips should be, you’ll find a wealth of information about them here.

At first thought a cruise doesn’t exactly sound like an adventure trip. Unless maybe you’re 80 and its an adventure just to go to the bathroom. Cruises can actually be a great way to get a lot of adventure in a short amount of time. Take Alaska for example, it’s a big state and you only have a two week vacation. You could waste your time wondering around one small section of this great state, or you could take a Alaska cruise that ports at all the best spots. These cruises can arrange all sorts of adventure trips, tours, and outings.

Adventure packages are a great way for both novice and experienced travelers to get a lot of adventure in a little amount of time. For the novice, these adventure packages make for a great trip because they don’t have to worry about much other than showing up with gear, a good attitude, and some self discipline. More experienced travelers can appreciate the logistics of adventure packages. Let someone else worry about maps, cooking, and camp; you’re just along for the adventure.

Check out some of the BootsNAll Adventure Trips

Ready to start planning your adventure? Why not check out some of these popular trips:

Adventure Turkey: BootsnAll Exclusive Summer Trip

Spend almost two weeks exploring Turkey via horseback, trekking, cycling, and even crusing around on an old world style ship. You and 12 other travelers will experience Turkey and the Mediterranean first hand and far from the beaten path.

BootsnAll Morocco Adventure Travel Tour

If you want adventure travel mixed with a wealth of cultural experiences, then this Morocco adventure is for you. See a side of Morocco that many tourists never see. From the city to the country side, this trip will show you what Morocco is all about.

Kilimanjaro – Machame Route

During an adventure filled 8 days in Africa you will climb the Machame route up Kilimanjaro. One of the most popular routes up the mountain, this climb will let you truly enjoy every minute of the trip. You will make your way through a variety of landscapes and breath taking views.

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