Adventure Travel in New Zealand

Planning some adventure travel in New Zealand? There is certainly plenty of it and we are to help you find it! This is a list of not only some of the best adventure travel in New Zealand, but a few other resources to help you plan your action packed vacation.

Flying Fox Ride
This puppy is one of the fasting moving ziplines in the world! We aren’t talking about some crappy zipline that goes from tree to tree. No sir, this zipline runs above the Rangitikei River in New Zealand and is over a mile long. Did I mention it gets up to speeds of over 100 MPH!!

5 Adventures in New Zealand
If you are looking for some adventure travel in New Zealand that you can’t do anywhere else in the world, this list should help. For something truly New Zealand, try sailing on a Americas Cup Sailboat. If you want something a little more exciting you could always swim with the dolphins or try tubbing in an underground cave.

BBH Card
The BBH Card is a discount card for backpacking hostels in New Zealand. If you plan on spending an extended amount of time in New Zealand and want to make your adventure budget last, pick up one of these. The BBH card is welcomed at over 340 hostels all over the country.

Australia/New Zealand
If you are visiting New Zealand, odds are you’ll probably want to jet over to Australia as well. Get the low down on adventure travel in Australia by checking out our destination page.