Dean’s Home Run

Dean KarnazesI think we can make it official now: Dean Karnazes is just one m^&*^%f*&^*ing crazy sunofab*tch. After wrapping up the Endurance50 (50 marathons in 50 consecutive days in 50 different states) with the New York Marathon last weekend, he’s turning right around and, uh, running home. Oh, by the way, he lives in San Francisco. Ok, kids, pull out your maps and protractors… Right, who am I kidding – hit Google Maps and you’ll see that amounts to a little 3,000 miles jog.

The details seem to be sketchy so far, no real word on what his route will be, where he’ll stay or any of the details, but either way, the nonstop Dean Media circus appears to be neverending. Follow Dean’s progress on his BLOG: Dean’s Home Run.