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Central America – If you idea of adventure travel involves jungle treks full of waterfalls, zip lines, rappels, and off road drives, then head on down to Central America. Here you can find some of the best eco travel adventures in the world. Endless acres of rain forest and coastlines that stretch on forever leave plenty of room for adventure. Jungle treks, SCUBA diving, zip lines, and volcano hikes are just a few of the thing you can experience in Central America.

Australia/New Zealand – There are a wealth of adventure related activities to choose from here. The most popular though seem to be diving and whitewater. Its no secret that the great barrier reef is one of the most beautiful places to go diving. If you feel like staying above water, if just temporarly, check out some of New Zealand’s world class whitewater. For the novice rafter to the experienced kayaker, there is plenty of great whitewater here.

Africa – “Lions and tigers and bears oh my.” Maybe not bears, but definitely an “oh my.” If you want to see a surreal landscape filled with large amounts of unique wildlife, Africa is the place to do it. A popular destination with photographers, Africa offers endless amounts of safaris, photography tours, and more.